Circle Communications is a leading film production company in Dubai specialized on high-end commercials. At our core we stand for creative originality and integrity. We apply the highest standards of production, which shows in our long-standing relationships with an impressive roster of global brands and agencies.

Storytellers at heart, innovation and efficient collaboration with our worldwide network allows us to perform our values of artistry, quality and intensive work. We embrace a commitment to advance the limits of our field through new technologies and media. We make these beliefs a reality every day as we produce film, tv and viral content all over the globe in collaboration with our associate partners in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Zurich.

Combining a deep knowledge of our target audiences’ reactions plus extensive production expertise, we aim to transform your messages into alluring stories that stand out as high quality and relevant content. A roster of renowned and fresh talent is at the heart of our one-stop-shop philosophy. Take a look on this site at the stunning work of our directors, 2D motions designers and 3D animators. They all look forward to tell your story.